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Cody was born at Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, TX on November 6, 1983. He was raised in Liberty City, where he graduated from Sabine High School with Honors as part of the National Honor Society, STARS and Eisenhower Scholars. A major part of his studies were Art Appreciation and Digital Art Design. He began working for telecommunications companies providing technical support via phone for companies such as AOL, QVC, American Express and what is now Sudden Link. Growing up, Cody had always had a love for art and computers. After finding that there was only a learning curve that had to be conquered, he began learning how to create graphics using Adobe Photoshop. His first major project was in creating a website for a team he was a part of. After discovering the ease of creating a simple website Cody began focusing his efforts on commercial design. After years of developing his skills on his own, he moved to Galveston Texas with a friend to get some experience outside of East Texas. There he met up with a sign maker that showed him the ins and outs of sign making.

After 4 years in Galveston learning about signs and screen printing, Cody came back to East Texas where he quickly decided he should stay in town to pursue a career in advertising. Shortly after which Cody bought his first plotter where he made small stickers for friends while working a part time job. Business became more steady and he was able to quit his part time job. Cody moved from the small duplex and moved into a large four bedroom house where he would continue to work from home, now with an office and a garage that he could work on the vehicles he was lettering. After a year and a half, the neighbors and Cody had all had enough of working from home. He then decided to look for another place to conduct business.

Cody found a stunning location on Broadway in Tyler TX, where he began refining his approach to obtaining business and extreme improvements were made. After these many years, Cody has learned the value of hard work, dedication and the pursuit of personal expression. He takes on new clients as friends rather than just another order. When you work with Cody, you are sure to be welcomed with open arms! Cody has worked with the likes of Smith County's Emergency Services of District 2 and other major businesses.

Today, SynFX can be found in both the Broadway Square Mall at 4601 South Broadway Avenue Tyler, TX 75703 AND the Longview Mall at 3500 McCann Rd. Longnview, TX 75603. Here Cody and his associates look forward to building a better experience for every customer, regardless of their core purpose for using the company. We proudly offer products and services for every person, business and non-profit organization in East Texas and outlying regions.

In 2014, strides are being made to bring the business to local events, shows and to the front steps of every business in East Texas! We hope to develop a mobile work station that can produce ANYTHING on site, while you wait!

Thank you for your business in 2014!

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